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№126 Бор алмазный Конус усеченный 806 173 018, синий купить онлайн с доставкой

No. 126 Diamond boron Truncated cone 806 173 018, blue

120 руб.
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4,500 rub.
Полное описание
Truncated cone diamond cutter

This nozzle can be with or without a protruding working part. Check with the manager for the presence of a ledge.

Used in hardware manicure and pedicure:
• Processing of side rollers
• Shaping the free edge of the nail
• Treatment of calluses and roughness of the skin of the fingers
• Correction of the length of natural and artificial nails
• Crack treatment

Abrasiveness is selected depending on the characteristics of the client's nails and skin, as well as the type of work.