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Гель-лак Lunail "Сирень в цвету" 87 (10 мл) купить онлайн с доставкой

Lunail gel-varnish "Lilac in bloom" 87 (10 ml)

390 руб.
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Полное описание
Professional class gel polishes are produced in Russia, but the quality is in no way inferior to foreign ones. The main difference is a pleasant price and a huge palette of various shades for every taste.

1. Thick dense, ideally fit in 2 layers.
2. It is more liquid in consistency than the Premium class, and this allows you to experiment with designs.
3. In this line there are everyone's favorite magnetic gel - varnishes "cat's eye", chameleon and stained glass.
4. Easily removed by dissolving (10 minutes) or with a cutter.
Application method:
1. Matting the nail.
2. Degrease well.
3. Apply Nail Prep and Bond Praimer.
4. Apply the Lunail Base with a thin layer or flattening, seal the butt end.
5. Dry in a lamp (LED 30 sec. UV / LED 30 sec. UV 2 min.)
6. Apply 1 coat of color.
7. Dry.
8. If necessary, apply a second coat of color.
9. Dry.
10. Apply the Lunail Top with a matte or glossy effect.
11. Dry.
12. Let cool for 30 sec.
13. Degrease.
14. Remove the remaining liquid with fragrant oil.
15. Do not forget about a light hand massage, which completes a pleasant manicure procedure.